Our company has already started to test the local market with one of its products, we are happy with the progress that we have. In the month of August we shall be testing another five products categories of fried Sardines, fish fillet & fingers, fish maws, and frozen Tilapia and Nile Perch.


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13th August 2018 we will celebrate two years from picking our VICTORIA FINEST PROJECT We have been through alot of strugles, sweat and success for the past two years, this have given us valuable experience that there was no any other way of getting the experience rather than facing break ups and fixing the issues. Below are some of our success for the past two years
  • We managed to secure VICTORIA FINEST trademarks
  • We managed to put in place Sardines/Dagaa processing Facility
  • We managed to put into the Market our Fried Sardines Products
  • Todate We have sold over 5,000Kgs of Fried Sardines since we started
  • We are getting positive feedback from our customers about our products
  • Todate we supply our products to 5 different regions of Tanzania mainland
  • Todate our products are being sold to over 50 different mini-markets & supermarkets in Dar es salaam only
  • We have managed to utilize the little resources that we have run the business
  • The best thing is our business can run by itself now though not in the profitability that we aimed for
  • Plans of introducing the second product are almost in place

Small Investment Huge Impact

We started this business with plans in our heads and no capital at all, our plans have helped us in securing funds to run our business to the point we have reached, whatever small we received was put into proper usage to the point of best returns, this has made us to be where we are today

See what Targets we have for the year 2018

60,000 250grams Packets of Sardines to be sold
4 Countries to Supply our products including Tanzania, Zambia, Kenya & USA
800+ Outlets selling our products in Tanzania mainland only
2 Introducing the second product in the same line of business


You are welcome to visit us in our Dar es salaam office and Mwanza office. Better call first to make an earlier appointment if it is anything that requires detailed informations.
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