Our company has already started to test the local market with one of its products, we are happy with the progress that we have. In the month of August we shall be testing another five products categories of fried Sardines, fish fillet & fingers, fish maws, and frozen Tilapia and Nile Perch.


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      With the combination of business that we have started we are sure that investors will be gaining high monthly returns from the total money they are going to invest on our products.


  MUGETA FARMS Co. ltd is a scaling up business which has tested several business and different business models before picking few business that we became sure they are working business. The key fact on the business that we are going to start with are as follows:

1. We are now investing in processing of fish products and later we shall invest in small scale milk processing facility.
    Fish comes from Lake Victoria and we don't fish but fishermen sells their catch to our company. Milk will be bought from farmers around Morogoro Region, we wont raise cattle, at least at the beggining.
    This way are minimizing losses that could have happened if we were to fish by our self or raise cows by our self. Whatever is invested will go straight to buy fish or milk and process them.

2. We have chosen to start with products which are always on good demand, we are assured so far with the price margins and how we will cut down production costs to maximize profit  while bringing to the market products with competitive prices as to find a way of penetrating to the market.

3. This kind of business can easily be adopted and monitored by anyone who is a quick learner, hence with the absence of the company founders the business can still be run by someone else.

          Please send us an email via that we can share with you further details about this opportunity. The window is small and we only accept a fixed amount of funding, so don't hesitate and take actions now.