Our company has already started to test the local market with one of its products, we are happy with the progress that we have. In the month of August we shall be testing another five products categories of fried Sardines, fish fillet & fingers, fish maws, and frozen Tilapia and Nile Perch.


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      With the combination of business that we have started we are sure that investors will be gaining high monthly returns from the total money they are going to invest on our products.


  MUGETA FARMS Co. ltd is a scaling up business which has tested several business and different business models before picking few business that we became sure they are working business. The key fact on the business that we are going to start with are as follows:

1. We are now investing in processing of fish products and later we shall invest in small scale milk processing facility.
    Fish comes from Lake Victoria and we don't fish but fishermen sells their catch to our company. Milk will be bought from farmers around Morogoro Region, we wont raise cattle, at least at the beggining.
    This way are minimizing losses that could have happened if we were to fish by our self or raise cows by our self. Whatever is invested will go straight to buy fish or milk and process them.

2. We have chosen to start with products which are always on good demand, we are assured so far with the price margins and how we will cut down production costs to maximize profit  while bringing to the market products with competitive prices as to find a way of penetrating to the market.

3. This kind of business can easily be adopted and monitored by anyone who is a quick learner, hence with the absence of the company founders the business can still be run by someone else.

          Please send us an email via that we can share with you further details about this opportunity. The window is small and we only accept a fixed amount of funding, so don't hesitate and take actions now.


On 25th July 2017, we were granted one trademark in the name of "VICTORIA FINEST" out of three trademarks we applied for. We hope the remaining two trade marks will be issued under our company in the next few weeks.

You can see our three listings in BRELA MAY JOURNAL listings on page 39,68 and 69.

BRELA(Business Registrations and Licensing Agency) is a Tanzania government agency that deals with Companies Registration, Business Names Registration, Trade and Service Marks Registration, granting of Patents and issuing of Industrial License.


                 Idea behind Victoria Finest as the brand name of our products came from several reasons. Firstly is because the very first product that challenged our heads was Sardines (Dagaa). We saw an opportunity on Sardines processing, we wanted to give to the market the finest product from Lake Victoria, we listed several names as proposed brand names of the products but Victoria Finest rose to the top among others and we kept it.

                 The next part was to legalize this as our trademark. The process has now taken 7 months, and it is in a good stage, if BRELA wont receive any complains about our mark, it will be registered under our company and so we will be using it legally.

                 Today if you open VICTORIA FINEST website ( you will be redirected to our company's website because we have not yet started our operation fully. Once we start our full operation status at the end of this year (2017) or at the beginning of 2018, VICTORIA FINEST website will be independent, all orders and purchases will be done directly from the website. This will be our best shot to automate our financial record keeping system.

                 Despite using VICTORIA FINEST as our trademark (brand name) for our products, all operations will always still be under Mugeta Farms Co. LTD, all receipts, transactions and orders will still be done under Mugeta Farms.

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             Mugeta Farms Co. LTD was registered on 13th August 2013 with company registration Number 101536. Our company was founded by Mateja Mugeta Geriga Yango and Kuyunga Mugeta Yango. Kuyunga is a lawyer and an advocate by profession while Mateja is an engineer in the field of Electronics and Communication.

            Decisions to found this company was reached after seeing opportunities available in food production and processing of packed foods. Hence we are looking forward to establish small processing industries to several places around Tanzania. The most important thing will be to establish these industries at the source of production areas.

           The success of Mugeta Farms will mostly be contributed by small farmers/fishermen who will find stable market for their produce. Not only stable market but also they will sell their produces at reasonable prices.

           After many products thoughts in August 2016 our company decided to get into fish processing business (Tilapia/Sato, Nile Perch/Sangara and Sardines/Dagaa), poultry products business (free range raised chickens and eggs) and Diary Products business (Starting with fresh milk business, later on yogurt and carton packed milk).

            As always it has not been easy to move steps ahead from Concept Level to Products realization, It is always not an easy job to start new business relating to food products processing as several government institution are involved in endorsing the start of the food processing business. We have learned a lot during the past one year. We are happy that things are progressing well, even though we are late with our implementation plan, but every process we are following is for the betterment of this company now and for future growth.


          It is during this time when idea behind "VICTORIA FINEST" came in our minds. During this time is when we reached into conclusion that we should seek for VICTORIA FINEST to become our trademark/brand name for our products. This idea was motivated by the precence of Lake Victoria in Tanzania and our very first products (fish products) will be coming from Lake Victoria.  We are now happy that this trademark has been listed in the BRELA gazette and is now waiting for the final approval by the Registrar to be given to Mugeta Farms.

          This is a brief introduction of Mugeta Farms Co. LTD. If you jave any concern or question about our company and our products dont hesitate to contact us. You can also subscribe in our news latter to receive updates about our company and the investment opportunities we will be offering to you.