Our company has already started to test the local market with one of its products, we are happy with the progress that we have. In the month of August we shall be testing another five products categories of fried Sardines, fish fillet & fingers, fish maws, and frozen Tilapia and Nile Perch.


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                  Fish fillet is one of the product that we are currently testing to the market during this month of August, 2017. This is among the products that are well consumed in cities. Now are can only deliver this product in the city of Dar es salaam and Mwanza. We are cutting down processing costs for our products to have a competitive price in the super markets.

                 Fish fillet is a luctrative product with lots of local market opportunities. We are starting small in this business, hoping to expand and own our own storage facilities in different cities for our fish products, area of interest being Dar es salaam, Mwanza and Arusha.

              It is in our plan that in the next year of 2018 we should able to process 10,000kgs of Fish Fillet. Currently we are welcoming individuals and companies that are interested in investing in our products including this business. You can contact us for more information about this investment opportunity +255677034701 or +25677034702. You can also email us on or whats app +255713752285.