Our company has already started to test the local market with one of its products, we are happy with the progress that we have. In the month of August we shall be testing another five products categories of fried Sardines, fish fillet & fingers, fish maws, and frozen Tilapia and Nile Perch.


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                     Tilapia (Sato) and Nile Perch (Sangara)  are the most consumed fish from fresh water in Tanzania. They are the most tasty fish that most people are interested to consume. Here in Tanzania, the most delicious Tilapia & Nile Perch are found in Lake Victoria  which is found on Northern part of the country. Lake Victoria is the largest lake in Africa and second largest in the world.

                     Mugeta Farms decided to get into this Tilapia business because of its available market and ability to get the fish itself. Since we are investing in Sardines, it was important to invest also in Tilapia and Nile Perch. The good thing with Tilapia processing is that you can always start small with simple semi automated processing machines and scale up your business as its capital grows from with in.



          To maintain the fresh taste of fish products we are making sure that our products are only processed few hours after they are fished. And just after processing them they are immediately stored on blast freezer. Many frozen fish consumers are complaining on the taste of frozen fish because many people usually delay on freezing fresh fish.

          In Mugeta Farms, All fish products will be traded under Victoria Finest trade mark. It is our plan that by 2018 we should be in capacity of processing 20,000kg of Tilapia & Nile Perch each month for the whole year of 2018. During this month of August 2017 we are starting to test our targeted market though in a small scale.

          We are currently welcoming individuals  and companies interested in partnership with out company that we can raise enough capital for the production of our products during the year of 2018.